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Hello! You're Welcome.


You're probably wondering what we're doing here and perhaps maybe I am as well!

I started talking on Twitter about something I passionate about, Ticketing. But Ticketing on it's own is half a story if we're just talking about sales, so if you're not selling tickets you're not likely not Marketing your show either. It's time to talk about that. Venues are made and venues fail from lack of creativity and understanding.

It's really great to draw inspiration from others and talk to those that are doing things differently. I'm a firm believer in that 'doing things the way they've always been done' is a killer in the arts and that many of our leaders have emotional reactions to situations rather the rational ones. I've also seen some Leaders unwittingly undermined by under performing teams.

My blog is (hopefully) going to look at how Ticketing can work to it's maximum potential, how that can help Marketing, and maybe we'll look at some other things too? Ultimately let's analyse and learn together.

I would LOVE for everyone that works in Theatre/Arts/Culture feels they will be able to take away some inspiration from the posts that will feature here, and so if you're a 'only' Box Office team member, or 'the' CEO, or even 'just' a Marketing Assistant:



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