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About Sam and Ticketing and Arts Marketing


This blog is here to help inspire those working in Ticketing and Arts Marketing to think deeper and find new ideas to help their own venues achieve more. We'll explore different perspectives, new ideas, old ideas, and maybe just talk about some other things too because they deserve some light. 

I hope that the posts that you find here inspire you no matter who you are or how long you've worked in the Arts, so whether you're "only" working in the Box Office, you're "the" CEO, or "just" a Marketing Assistant - You're Welcome Here.


In 2007 Sam graduated from Performers College with a diploma in Musical Theatre. After a successful career in performing, Sam's career changed direction while working for New Wolsey Theatre (NWT), Ipswich. Having worked for NWT since 2003 he covered a number of roles including Box Office, Duty Manager, Cafe Supervisor, Audience Development, and Administrator.

In 2016, he became Box Office Manager at Nuffield Southampton Theatres and was very fortunate to be involved in the launch of the £30m Studio 144 project that contained NST City. Working closely with the Marketing team, Sam provided data for the organisation and ensured that ticketing across 2 venues and 3 auditoriums was smooth for customers. 

In 2019, as part of a maternity cover contract Sam moved to Newbury Corn Exchange as Commercial and Sales Manager looking after the multi-role Front of House department that covered Box Office, Bar, Cafe and Front of House. With the launch of arts space The Base, Sam helped develop new booking paths for customers visiting the gallery or participating in workshops. 

Currently Sam is Ticketing Operations Manager for Selladoor Venues looking after Ticketing Strategy and Box Office Operations across venues in Peterborough, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, and Preston. 

Sam is very proud to worked with associated companies across his career including Spektrix, TRG Arts (New Wolsey and Nuffield Southampton Theatres), CrowdEngage, and Activity Stream. He enjoys being an advocate for these strong voices in our industry. 

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